Black Diamond Seasonal Intro Summer 2017

Op het gebied van klimmaterialen is Black Diamond een van de meest innoverende marktleiders. Ieder jaar komt Black Diamond met vernieuwende producten op de markt die qua gewicht, pasvorm en functionaliteit hun voorgangers overtreffen. Voor de zomer van 2017 presenteert Black Diamond:

Camalot Ultralight (More information):


A breakthrough for fast-and-light missions, the Camalot Ultralight introduces a 25% lighter version of the world’s most trusted camming device. (photo: Black Diamond)

Vapor Helmet (More information):


The lightest, most breathable and most comfortable climbing helmet we’ve ever made, the Vapor provides reliable, ultralight protection, unparalleled ventilation and a secure and super-comforable fit. (photo; Black Diamond)

Zone Harness (More information Women’s and Men’s):


Specifically designed for the shape and rise of a woman’s body, the Zone brings the comfort and performance needed to send the sport proj. High performance, lightweight and breathable. (photo: Black Diamond)

Blitz 20 Pack (More information):


The ultimate on-route park for alpine assaults, with essential, lightweight features that will take you from base to summit and back. (photo: Black Diamond)

Momentum – Kid’s full body harness (More information):


Kid’s full body harness. Maximizing safety and comfort for the next generation. (photo: Black Diamond)


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