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New Orleans Heavyweight Division

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Ollie liet weten dat Bram Lambrechts (Bram Junior) afgelopen weekend zijn eerste 8c intikte met “New Orleans Heavyweight Division” 11- op Endorama in de Frankenjura.

Het massiefje Endorama werd in 2001 ingeboord door Heiko Queitsch maar er bleef één lijn open staan die pas in 2005 door Markus Bock geklommen werd. Hij doopte de route “New Orleans Heavyweight Division”.

Bram Lambrechts in "New Orleans Heavyweight Division" 11- op Endorama (photo: Olivier Coenen)

De route begint met een zware boulder (ongeveer 8A FB), gevolgd door een stevige negende graads route wat resulteert in 11- (8c). Begin dit jaar zette de sterke Duitse Conny Matthes de eerste vrouwelijke beklimming op haar naam.

Mooi gedaan Bram!
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Finding a way!

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

“Freyr is some good grey limestone sport climbing. But still I couldn’t leave my cams home! I heard that Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll and Mich Zaman climbed ’13 Boulevard du Vol’, 8a on cams so I had to give it a try to! Together with Klaas Willems I went to Freyr with a bigger backpack as usual. It didn’t took me to much try’s, after one try searching for the good cam placements in this quite solid limestone I did the only 8a traditional route in Freyr. Funky!

Siebe Vanhee in "13 Boulevard du Vol" 8a (photo: Bram Lambrechts)

Even at the end of November the Al Lenge can be to hot in the sun. But still I decided to try an old project back again: ‘Schwarzenegger’, the classic 8a in Freyr. I was really surprised when I did it first try of the day while hanging the quickdraws. Hanging those quickdraws is no problem compared to searching a while where to place witch size of cam!”

Siebe Vanhee in "Schwarzenegger" 8a (photo: Werner Van Steen)



Junior + Pizza = 8b

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Bram Junior (Bram Lambrechts) klom vorige week in de Frankenjura zijn eerste 8b “Nightmare” 10 op Eldorado.
Goe man!